Geodynamics Seminar:
“A challenge to observe the process of faulting in rocks at high pressures”
Dr. Tomohiro Ohuchi (Associate Professor, Geodynamics Research Center) abstract


Geodynamics Seminar:
“Sound velocity measurements at mantle geotherm temperatures: results, problems and perspectives”
Dr. Steeve Gréaux (Assistant Professor, Geodynamics Research Center) abstract


Geodynamics Seminar:
“The regulation mechanism of the redox state of the Earth’s magma ocean inferred from high-pressure experiments on redox disproportionation of Fe2+ in silicate melt”
Dr. Hideharu Kuwahara (Assistant Professor, Geodynamics Research Center) abstract

7/26-8/4 Dr. Hirokazu Kadobayashi
8/5-8/6 Dr. Hironori Kawakata
8/19-8/26 Dr. Sho Kakizawa
8/24-8/28 Dr. Tomoaki Kimura
8/24-9/2 Mr. Kota Okumura
8/27-9/2 Dr. Toru Inoue

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How were the carbon contents in terrestrial and lunar mantles established?
Carbon degassed from planetary mantles by volcanic activity plays an important role in the planetary surface environment. However, how the carbon content in the Earth’s mantle …
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A deep reservoir of primordial helium in the Earth
A stable isotope of helium, 3He, was produced by the Big Bang and a remnant of the solar nebula.
3He is included in ocean island basalts, …
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Transportation of water into the deep Earth by Al-phase D
Researchers at Ehime University have recently measured the propagation speed of ultrasonic waves in an aluminum-rich hydrous mineral called Al-phase D …
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