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Geodynamics Seminar:
“A raman spectroscopic study on carbon in a magma ocean during the core formation of terrestrial planets”
Hideharu Kuwahara(Postdoctoral fellow, GRC) abstract


Geodynamics Seminar:
“High-pressure generation technique in a 6-8-2 type multi anvil apparatus”
Dr. Takehiro Kunimoto (Postdoctoral fellow, GRC) abstract

7/13-7/16 Dr. Akihiro Yamada
8/17-9/1 Ms. Maki Senba

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Is the Earth’s inner core oscillating and translating anomalously?
A theoretical mineral physics approach based on the ab initio methods was adopted to determine the viscosity of hexagonal, close-packed iron at the extreme pressures and temperatures…
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Quantum mechanical simulations of Earth’s lower mantle minerals
The theoretical mineral physics group of Ehime University led by Dr. Taku Tsuchiya has developed high-precision…
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Heat transport property at the lowermost part of the Earth’s mantle
Lattice thermal conductivities of MgSiO3 bridgmanite and postperovskite (PPv) phases under the Earth’s deepest mantle…
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