Application and Guidelines

1.Types of Collaborative Research Projects

PRIUS is calling for the following types of collaborative researches in the ultrahigh-pressure sciences and any related fields. Project members involve both researchers at the GRC and researchers at universities and/or institutions other than Ehime University.

A. Use of PRIUS facilities

This type of collaborative research project mainly utilizes research facilities at the GRC including high pressure apparatuses, analytical instruments, and so on and/or facilities at other institutions installed by the GRC. The following experimental apparatuses are applicable. (Further details are on the attached page.)

・ Ultra-high pressure apparatuses and related apparatuses such as multi-anvil apparatuses and diamond anvil cells
・ Analytical instruments and processing equipment such as ATEM, FE-SEM, FIB, XRD
・ Measuring instruments and ultra-high pressure apparatuses at synchrotron radiation facilities

B. Collaborative research

This is a collaborative research project without utilizing any facilities (Supplementary use of the facilities is applicable). The followings are examples of the subject areas.
・ Utilization of HIME Diamond
・ Theoretical simulations such as ab initio calculations and computational fluid calculations, etc.
・ Analyzation and ultra-high pressure synthesis of samples on request

C. Meetings

This is to organize a research meeting. In principle, the meeting will be held at Ehime University. If necessary, it is also acceptable to be at another institution or university (limited ONLY to Japan), and a statement of its necessity in the application form is required in this case. It is also acceptable to organize a training (internship) program combining lectures and practical training for the purpose of improving the research techniques of researchers and students.

2. Eligibility

The applicant should be a researcher or an equivalent researcher (including graduate students) from universities, institutions, or companies. We also accept those who are approved by the director and the council of PRIUS. If the applicant is a graduate student, he/she is required to possess the following two conditions in order to apply: 1) In order to become a project leader, his/her supervisor should take part as a project member, and 2) In order to become a project member, he/she needs to obtain permission from his/her supervisor.

3. Expenses

It is free of charge to use the GRC’s research facilities for those whose research projects have been approved. There are cases where the user(s) is/are obliged to compensate for any damage to the equipment and devices if the damage is the fault of the user(s). If there are any research supplies needs, the user should discuss the necessity for them with the facility manager in order to purchase such supplies. Travel expenses could be covered for the approved research projects based on the regulations on travel expenses at Ehime University. but the travel costs from overseas are basically difficult to be covered by PRIUS. Note that we adjust the total amount to actual expenses due to our limited budget.

4. Application Procedure

Please fill out the application form and send it to the following email address ( after consulting with corresponding GRC member(s) about your research project.


If you want to add or change project member(s) after the acceptance of your project, you MUST re-submit an updated application form (with the changes noted in RED) to the PRIUS office after discussion with GRC staff.

5. Application Deadline

※The deadline has been extended to February 15, 2019

6. Contact Information

Research Hub Administrative Division, Research Support Department
Ehime University
2-5 Bunkyo-cho, Matsuyama, Ehime 790-8577, JAPAN
Tel: +81 89 927 8165 Fax: +81 89 927 8167

7. Selection

The comprehensive review for applications is conducted at the council of PRIUS for selection in terms of the necessity of the research project, originality, feasibility, and so on.

8. Notification of Acceptance/Denial

We will contact the applicant as soon as we have a decision.

9. Research Results

Please acknowledge the support for the research project from the joint usage/research center for PRIUS at the GRC, Ehime University when the results of the research project are released. The reprints (either paper or digital (PDF) forms) from any printed matters on the research such as published papers and conference proceedings etc. must be sent to us via email or mail (see No.6 for contact information).

10. Visiting (Application, Safety and Short Report)

Please submit Visit application to the PRIUS administrative office at least one month before of your visit, after discussing with the GRC staff of your project. The visitor should read a Safety and health manual before starting the experiment, and then sign a pledge card and submit a form to the office. The project leader is required to submit a short report after visiting. Please fill in a form and send to us via email.
>>Ehime University Guesthouse

Visit application


11. Report on Research Results and Meetings

The project leader is required to submit a yearly report on the research results and meetings at the end of the fiscal year. Please use the “Research Report” form which can be downloaded from our website and send to us via email or mail (see No.6 for our contact information). The phrase, “Summary of Results” will be on the form, and they will be released and printed for publication as an annual report on collaborate research projects of PRIUS.

Note: The results of the research projects will be released as a general rule. Exceptions are (1) all or parts of the result(s) are related to the filing of patent applications, and (2) the project is still so ongoing that it is not appropriate for releasing at that time. Please consult with us if a postponement on releasing the results is necessary due to the reason(s) above.


12. Participation on Result Presentation for Joint Usage/Research

A symposium will be held regularly for presenting the results of the research projects at the GRC, therefore, the leader or a member of the project will be asked to give a presentation at the symposium for reporting the results.

13. Intellectual Property Right

If intellectual property is created by conducting the research project, the intellectual property offices (or any equivalent office) at affiliated institutions or universities of each project member should discuss the application, procedure, cost, rights, and so on.

14. Securities and Export Control

If research instruments, samples, or techniques are to be exported/transferred to outside Japan, if needed, the official procedure based on the Regulation of Securities and Export Control in Ehime University will be undertaken.

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